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Whatever you dream in the written word, I want to make reality.

EDITING: By adding me as the editing powerhouse to your work, I will help you turn it from really good to really great and ready to share with the world.

CONTENT WRITING: Struggling to get the work started? As a content writer, I'm here for that too. If you have an idea and a blank page...let's turn it into a full one, together! Bottom line, your story is one worth telling and I can't wait to help you tell yours!

SKY IS THE LIMIT: Don't see what you need listed below? My writing experience can be translated across limitless avenues so before you write me off (pun intended!), let's have a free consultation so I can hear your problem and present you with a solution for how I can meet your writing and editing needs.

Digital social media


Social media influencers make it look easy. All you have to do is go on a social media platform and write what you're thinking and post it? Right? Piece of cake. Then you dive in and try to do it yourself and get in deep water real fast. Influencers make it look easy but behind the seamless posting is a lot of pre-planning and effort. I have taken businesses through the strategy and execution phase of social media creation. Whether you need a plan for content you'll create yourself or the plan + the content, I'm here to serve you with creative, fresh ideas to bring your personality to the social media stage.

Open For Business


Have a dream burning inside you and need a thought partner to get you started? What about a business plan you've been working on that needs a little polish before putting in front of the big time investors? Using my experience working alongside one of the leading fast-casual Restaurant chains in the country coupled with my decade of writing experience, together, we can partner to get you the first step to hanging the open sign on your fantastic idea!

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When publishing an app, there's nothing worse than getting to the end of the app creation process and having a customer point out an error in the content. Whether it's from the ground up with just an idea or ensuring there isn't a comma or letter out of place in the final product. My perfectionist tendencies will ensure you put your app's best foot forward from day one.

Collecting Donations


We've all been there, staring at a looming deadline and a blank screen. Let me take that stress off your plate by putting it on mine. Raising money for your event or organization is not a small feat. I promise to learn the heart of your cause and translate that into content worthy of filling up the donation bucket.

Image by Sarah Cervantes


Fighting cancer? Walking through motherhood? Need a place to update your friends and family while on your dream 6 month trip around the world? In my experience, blog posts can take anywhere between 2-8 hours to put together well. If you want to spent more time living the experience you want to share with the world instead of writing about it, I'm your girl. Let me do the heavy lifting to get your story worth telling to the masses through me ghostwriting for your personal blog. Don't even know how to start a blog? I've started two and know just how to set you up for success!

Image by Tim Mossholder


You've worked hard at every job you've had, the schooling you went through earned your stripes, now you've set foot in a job search economy that leaves you frustrated and disappointed. Did you know a simple refresh to your resume might bring you more attention? Let me take a look at your resume and I'll identify areas where your word choices might be holding you back. Cover letters are also incredibly important when job searching. I'm able to research the job opportunities you're looking for a craft a cover later tailored for each specific role. Don't give up on the job hunt, just get a partner -- me!

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