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In fifth grade I beat out the whole school with my essay on wanting to be the first woman on Mars. After going to space camp soon after and experiencing the "test your stomach" activities, I determined the life of an astronaut was not for me.

Turns out the life of a writer was.

I'm all about the next right thing --following God's grace as I navigate life one step at a time. The steps I've taken over the years have included a variety of careers from restaurant server to university instructor to kitchen designer to mom. Through it all, one thing remained the same -- a passion for writing.

Sharing my story publicly over the past decade has given me insight, perspective, and learnings I look forward to sharing.

Like mine, your story matters and I can't wait to help you tell yours. 

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Below, is a selection of my favorite work highlighting who I am as a writer, a mom, and a woman.
I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.
For any inquiries, please get in touch.

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What do you think of when you read the word abundance? Words that may come to mind are lots of food, plenty, living BIG, everything being awesome and great, or maybe it brings to mind words like too much of something, or I’ll never have an abundance of anything. What I’m SURE doesn’t come to mind is a 28-year-old woman being bathed by her mother in this sweet shower set up.



What made me go? Why did I take a one-year-old to a protest? Do you even call it a protest — what’s the definition of a protest? What are my feelings on the Black Lives Matter movement? How about racism? I mean…where do I start? Do I dive into all that? How much do I share? How much do I open up and expose myself and my beliefs to the (harsh) criticism of you (sorry, it can be true), the reader.



This post will be light hearted. Not because I feel light hearted about COVID-19. How can I with the intense anxiety and adrenaline-ridden status of the entire world right now? Check out this incredible sermon by my pastor this past Sunday. He puts a lot of my feelings into words. I write this light hearted post because this has been SO WEIRD. My 19-month old knows that if we are going to go inside a gas station, mommy has to wear her mask, I mean, COME ON, y’all, that’s WEIRD.

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