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Each role has had an integral part in the making of who I am as a literary professional. The wide range of experiences I've had and jobs I've held has shaped the way I approach each project. To find out more about my experience or background, please contact me directly.

May 2010 - Present


Always marching to the beat of my own drum, this blog began at the end of my senior year to update family and friends on the drum beat following college. Bali, Indonesia, San Diego, CA, back at Auburn doing what? Then it was grad school and living in Italy and big corporate career retiring after two years because the man of my dreams found me and we formed a joint family dream.
Sharing my story publicly has been a way of life for a decade and my goal is to make it to two decades and beyond. God has done some powerful things through my mustard seed of faith and this blog gives me the opportunity to put His glory on full display.

June 2014 - December 2016


Starting as a contractor and later transitioning to full-time staff, my responsibility was all things communication. Ranked as my top three strengths by my boss, communicating inwardly within our team and outwardly within the organization was my sweet spot. Delivering timelines, deliverables, updates and most importantly, expectations, my role was to make our team and our projects look good in order to garner support.

August 2011 - May 2014


As an instructor in the interior design program, I identified talent, edited their work with my impeccable attention to detail and pushed them to be all that they could be. In my classroom, I provided the theater to explore, to experiment, to fail, and to try again. I encourage open mindedness, giving students the freedom to make their own reasoned decisions about project work. By modeling these values in my own life, I earned the respect and trust of my students. With my guidance and coaching, they far surpassed what they even believed they themselves could achieve.

March 2006 - December 2014


Eight years in the restaurant industry exposed me to any and all types of people. Learning to manage challenging requests and difficult people was the most difficult and most valuable lesson I learned while working as a hostess and a server. I learned to put personal feelings aside to execute the job that needed to be accomplished. It's a muscle I'm thankful I flexed at such an early age. Pushing to be the best at anything I do and not settling for less, I focused on time management, learning my craft, and elevating it to perfection in order to get the highest tips possible from my guests.

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Proud Auburn University Alumni

Master's of Consumer and Design Sciences 2014
Bachelor's of Science in Interior Design 2010

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